How to the perfect winged liner

You should mark a point near the starting of the iris, one on the pupil and one at the end of the eye. Stick the tape down on this angle.

For the easiest application hold your cat eye makeup stencil in place with your index and middle fingers.

How To Get Perfect Winged Eyeliner Everytime

Step 7 — Work the mascara magic Image source: The neatest winged liner you've ever drawn. Even if you wear spectacles, you can highlight your eyebrows, it will look more classy. Try this rainbow winged eyeliner. All you need is: Finish your winged eyeliner look by lining underneath your eye with your Bottom Liner Stencil found on the opposite side of your smokey eye makeup stencil.

This felt tip angled brush makes creating cat eyes much easier. I think this look is perfect for a throwback party or for a festival makeup look that would pair well with braids or beachy waves.

Find the most flattering angle for your eye shape by drawing an imaginary line from the corner of your nose to How to the perfect winged liner outer corner of your eye.

You can skip this step. I personally find resting my little finger on my face helps to steady my hand.

Making a winged eyeliner may sound difficult but trust us, we can suggest you the easiest trick to give those perfect wings to your eyes within no time.

Place the end of your Bottom Liner Stencil so that it is centered underneath your eye. First of all, you should try to look straight into the mirror without much blinking your eyes much. ImaxTree Never go wrong with neon! Find the right brush. Thin eyeliner brush Step 1: Drawing a straight flick, no matter how short, is easier said than done.

Image via Favim Consider yourself a cat eye expert! She covers her entire eyelid with liner and shadow to make the look way more dramatic.

Winged Eyeliner Tutorial (EASY Step by Step!)

They cover all the different techniques you will need to get familiar with, like using tape, liquid liner, pencil, gel and eyeshadows to perfect your winged eyeliner and cat eye looks. Step one Cut a small length of tape, about 3cm long, and stick it on the outside of the eye at an angle.

Whether you're in the mood for just a simple liner along your eyelid, perfect cat eyeliner, a winged eyeliner lookor a sultry smokey eye, you will easily be able to create them all with beautiful results! Wherever you place it, make sure that it is pressed against your skin so that when you apply your liner none of it bleeds through.

For a classic petite cat eyeliner look place the edge of your stencil closer to your lashline. Winged eyeliner is so much in fashion for a long time now.

Step 6 — Finish your perfect cat eye wing by clearing the extra eyeliner, if any Image source: Less is more with this simple aqua liner.

A Makeup Artist's Four-Step Guide To The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Pull it slightly past the outer corner of your eyes to get that winged shape. Bonus is that the shadow will hold onto the liner, giving it a bolder look.

Giphy This is a fun step indeed. Then bring the eyeliner back towards your lash line in a triangle shape and fill it in. Next tightline your upper water line without jabbing yourself in the eye. Believe it or not, you can actually achieve this look without a steady hand.

Perfect Winged Eyeliner in 3 Steps Find a straight-edge. Step 4 — A little trick with the winged bend would help Image source: ImaxTree Use the liner all over your lid for a super dramatic look.

The struggle is real. Once you have an idea of what type of eyes you have, you can move forward with finding the best winged eyeliner tutorials that work for your specific eye shape. Step 5 — Double the liner for the extravagance of color and touch up the fine end Image source: Polish the look by applying a few coats of mascara.Learn how to easily create the perfect winged liner with Lancôme USA National Makeup Artist, Darais, using Artliner Felt Tip Liquid Liner.

Watch his step by step tips and tricks on how to create the perfect winged. for anyone who loves liquid liner (like me) this is how you get the perfect winged liner everytime!

Noelle LaPonte. Kiss & Make Up! My Secret to Crazy Long Eyelashes. Apply a black winged liner, mascara and some false lashes. Done! Products us. Angel Miley.

hair, nail and make up idea. Combining crisp liquid liner on top and smudgy pencil liner on the bottom, this style is perfect for the indecisive (best of both worlds!).

It's half elegant pinup, half cool rocker. There are various ways of applying pencil eyeliner, but the winged eyeliner gives a trendiest look and accentuates your eyes too! So, here is a practical and simple method – recommend by makeup experts for applying pencil eyeliner. Apparently, the little metal pins are also the secret to getting flawless winged liner.

Puerto Rican beauty blogger Bianca Alcázar shared a life-changing hack on her Instagram. All you do is. This Messy Winged Liner Look Has Reddit Freaking Out Marisa Petrarca Reddit’s Makeup Addiction is a place we’re guilty of spending a little too much time, and .

How to the perfect winged liner
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