The importance of job contentment for the company production rate and employee welfare

To determine the extent to which financial intervention measures influences employee performance among non-teaching staff in private universities in Nairobi County v. In a survey about employee motivation, employees ranked job characteristics that motivated them.

Importance of Employee Performance in Business Organizations

Stop Wasting Time Tight deadlines are another major sources of stress for many employees. In addition, review late arrival policies. Do your employees exhibit these characteristics? To determine the influence of compensation on employee performance among non-teaching staff in private universities in Nairobi County ii.

Essay: Employee welfare

Private Universities currently suffer considerable human capital flight despite improving in profitability for the past five years PWC, The result is that welfare will vary as the material benefits employees get from the employer in terms of welfare.

Private universities in Kenya are experiencing increased flight of their staff. Satisfaction, however, is not linked solely to compensation. Employers should look for small ways to surprise employees. For these employees, job satisfaction includes a different set of criteria.

The book stresses the importance of happy employees. Flickr Gretchen Rubin Employee attitudes typically reflect the moral of the company. Sadly, by the time the danger signs are evident, what might have been a simple fix may have morphed into a bigger and more costly problem.

What is Employee Satisfaction?

Zeinabadi stated that job satisfaction and organizational commitment are sources of organizational performance. Kuria studied the effects of employee welfare programs on job satisfaction of employees within the flower industry in Kenya and established that employee welfare programs promote job satisfaction of employees in organizations within the flower industry in Kenya.

In areas of customer service and sales, happy employees are extremely important because they represent the company to the public. Direct compensation includes basic salary, allowance, and incentive.

Traditionally employee welfare services were destined to decrease employee absence and time off due to illness. Oz, "Exercise releases serotonin and dopamine, the feel-good hormones that become blocked during stress.

The study established that facilities provided are a strong motivational element that has helped retain employees in the job for a long time and boosting their productivity.

Consider tricks that sound silly but are actually effective such as having a meeting with no chairs. For instance, employers could stagger work times to avoid heavy traffic. Rewarding high-performing employees often motivates these employees to exceed their efforts from what it was during the previous period.

In a study by Zeinabadi purpose was to provide empirical evidence showing the relationship between welfare and the job satisfaction levels of staff in private universities. The theories are discussed below.

We could call this healthy turnover.him aware of the company's friendly interest in his welfare and contentment on the job is essential to goo employer/employee relations.

This is the only way in which he can "put his best production process; () c. The detail and character of products made?. collections. Recommender. The apps, books, movies, music, TV shows, and art are inspiring our some of the most creative people in business this month.

Kesoram - Job Satis. For Later. Job satisfaction is an integral component of the organization climate and an important element in management employee’s relationship.

IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY The analysis of this Job satisfaction survey gives information regarding the perception and causes of satisfaction among employees towards their job. As such, the company created Pipeline, a joint employee-management committee that evaluates ideas for new products and services.

Another company priority is health and safety, which it emphasizes by offering an intensive health and fitness program that allows employees to meet with a nurse for a thorough evaluation and access to resources designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle and behavior.

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT. Impact of performance appraisal system on productivity of Employees of ONGC Ltd. HR OBJECTIVES To develop and sustain core values To develop business leaders for tomorrow To provide job contentment through empowerment. well being and enrichment".

FEATURES OF EMPLOYEE WELFARE => Employee welfare is a comprehensive. Although understanding and monitoring employee productivity is critical to the overall health of a company, it is important for managers to acknowledge that everyone is human, and we all need a break from time to time.

Short breaks (and vacations) have been proven to help the brain function better. As such, it is perfectly reasonable to allow employees some latitude in conducting personal business .

The importance of job contentment for the company production rate and employee welfare
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